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New England Regional (NER) Student Program

The University of New Hampshire participates in the New England Regional Student Program administered by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE). Under this program, admitted graduate students from New England may qualify for regional tuition rates (New Hampshire resident tuition, plus 50 percent).

To qualify, the program to which they are admitted must be one that is not available at any of their home state/public institutions. Inquiries about the NER program may be directed to the Graduate School's Academic Counselor, Dovev Levine or the New England Board of Higher Education.

NER Contact Information

New Hampshire residents are not eligible for the New England Regional (NER) program. For more information contact the New England Board of Higher Education:

New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE)
45 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111

Telephone: 617-357-9620
Email: rsp@nebhe.org
Web Address: www.nebhe.org

The website for the New England Board of Higher Education offers information on all their polices, guidelines and who to contact if you wish to appeal a decision. Some highly specialized graduate programs might be available through the Regional Student Program (RSP) even if they are not listed in the RSP catalog.

If a specialized program is not available at the student's home-state public institutions, the student is encouraged to contact the RSP graduate representative at the New England state college or university that offers the program. In some cases, negotiation to participate as an RSP student is possible. Use our programs of study page to see if your program is eligible for the NER tuition break (see individual program pages for eligible states).