photo of UNH students at graduation


Graduation and Commencement

The annual commencement ceremony is held in May. Students who have completed their degree requirements in the preceding September or December are invited to participate in commencement ceremonies in May. Master’s and Ed. S. students who expect to complete their degree program in May or the upcoming September are eligible to participate in the May commencement. Students who file their intent-to-graduate for either May or September by the final deadline for filing for May will be listed in the commencement book.

Graduate School Manchester Commencement

If you are in a program at the Graduate School Manchester Campus (GSMC) in Manchester, you have the choice of participating in either the UNH Manchester commencement or the UNH Durham commencement.  Please be sure to indicate to the GSMC staff what your plans are for graduation by contacting the GSMC office.

Are You Ready To Graduate?

All students who are nearing the completion of their degree or certificate program, either as a primary or secondary program, need to file an online intent to graduate by the deadline published on the graduate school calendar. If you are unable to file your intent online, please contact the Graduate School so we can review your records and provide assistance. Diplomas are mailed by the Registrar's office roughly 8-12 weeks from the day of graduation.

The 1, 2, 3's of Filing an Intent to Graduate

1 - When To File

To determine when you should file your intent, please contact your department to review your degree requirements. Students who do not file an 'Intent to Graduate' will not earn their degree. See our calendar for deadlines to file.

  • Summer Graduation date is September 1
  • Fall Graduation date is December 31
  • Spring Graduation and Commencement Ceremony is in May (date varies each year).


2 - How To File

  • Login to your Blackboard/MyUNH account
  • Click the Webcat/Services tab and then click continue and select the "Student" Tab.
  • Select "Student Records" and then, near the bottom of the page, select "Apply to Graduate" to file your intent, which brings you to the "Curriculum Term Selection" menu.
  • Select the term that is closest to whatever the current term is (e.g. if you are filing your intent in March of 2013 then you would select the term closest to Spring 2013). *Note: This is NOT the term you plan on graduating.* Click on the "Submit" button.
  • Select the program from which you will be graduating on the "Curriculum Selection" screen. If you do not see your program, return to the previous menu and verify that you are selecting the right term.
  • Select the degree you wish to file for and hit the "Continue" button.
  • Select the date for which you wish to file an intent on the "Graduation Date Selection" screen and continue. On the subsequent pages, verify your diploma name (which you may only change by contacting the Registrar's Office directly) and select either an existing address to use as your diploma address or enter a new one.
  • You can verify your intent was filed by using the "View Application to Graduate" link. If you need to make changes see below.


3 - Intent Checklist

  • If completing a thesis or dissertation, you may submit a copy to our Academic Counselor for review of formatting requirements up to 2 weeks before the final copies are due. Remember to review the thesis and dissertation checklist before submitting final copies.
  • Verify with your advisor and department that you have met all degree requirements to graduate.
  • File your intent to graduate by the published deadline.
  • Verify your account balance is paid in full; you will not be issued a diploma until your account is clear.

How to Change Your Intent

Once you submit your intent to graduate online you will NOT be able to change it until our office has reset it. If you need to change your intent to graduate date please email our office at with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Your UNH ID or Date of Birth (to help verify your identity)
  • Degree Program

Once we get your email we will reset your account and notify you so you can resubmit the new intent data.  Note that we do NOT submit the intent for you. You can also call us at 603-862-3004 and ask to have your intent reset over the phone.

Change of Name for Diploma Printing

If your name is not displayed the way you would like to have it appear on your diploma, please email the Registrar's Office.  In the email, include your complete name, last 4 digits of your student ID, the semester you plan on graduating, the name of your program, and how you would like your name to appear on your diploma.  Also, be sure to indicate the reason for your email in the subject line, i.e. "Change of name for Diploma printing".