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New and Current Students

Whether you are a new student faced with the task of learning how to navigate UNH or a current student in need of a refresher, you will find this page a great resource for finding information on important deadlines, enrolling for courses, reviewing policy, and links to many of our Student Services and Administrative Offices around campus.

Getting Started

To help you get situated, we offer a variety of orientations and welcome sessions that you are encouraged, and sometimes required, to attend. Look over the important deadlines to make sure you get things done in time. Next review the lists of Administrative Offices and Student Services for information on obtaining your UNH ID, meal plans, student housing options, parking permits, paying bills, registering for classes, or other tasks related to becoming a student at UNH.

*Manchester Graduate Students: please visit Manchester Student Resources for information on Manchester student orientation and other available resources.

Orientations & Welcomes


Important Deadlines

  • See the UNH Graduate School Academic Calendars for registration deadlines, add/drop dates, and refund periods.
  • Tuesday, August 21: New Graduate Assistant Orientation, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Monday, August 27: Classes begin in Durham. Continuing graduate students are expected to register by this date
  • Friday, September 14: Last day for graduate students to register and pay without having degree status discontinued



  1. Contact an advisor, graduate coordinator, or other appointed department representative to decide on courses for the semester.
  2. Find Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for each class you plan to take. (https://courses.unh.edu/timeroom/201810?Level=All+Graduate)
    1. All courses must be listed at 800 or above for graduate level credit.
  3. Log into MyUNH and then click on WebCat.
  4. After you log in with your UNH credentials, click on Registration.
    1. Make sure 'Select Term' is set to Fall 2018.
    2. Select 'Add/Drop Classes' and enter the CRN's for the courses to complete registration

For complete registration information, visit the Registrar's Office website. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when registering and planning your program:

  • All graduate students must be registered for coursework every semester until you complete your program of study. If you have questions, review our policy on continuous registration.
  • As a new graduate student, you are NOT eligible to enroll in GRAD 800. If you are not taking course credits or research credits, you may wish to request that your admission be deferred to a future term by contacting the Graduate School.
  • Graduate courses are numbered 800- or 900-level.
  • Graduate credit for 700-level courses: Up to 12 graduate credits can be earned in 700-level courses provided such courses are outside the student's major program. A petition for exception to academic policy must be completed and approved prior to registration in order to receive graduate credit for a 700-level course. Undergraduate level courses taken by graduate students are billed at the graduate rate. Such courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Pass/Fail: Graduate courses cannot be taken pass/fail. A graduate student may petition to take undergraduate courses on a pass/fail basis. Such a petition must be approved by the end of the add period for the term in which the course is to be taken. A grade of "C" is the minimum grade in order to receive a "P." However, any 700-level course taken as pass/fail will not be counted as graduate credit in the student’s academic record.
  • Non-registration: If you are unable to attend for a semester or more at UNH you have a couple of options. See our non-registration policy for more details

*REMINDER: If you are claiming in-state residency, be sure you have submitted your proof of residency paperwork and been approved! Students who have not submitted their residency paperwork will be billed at the out-of-state tuition rate for all classes in which they enroll.

Administrative Offices - Taking Care of Details

Tuition and fees are due by the published deadline and students are not considered registered until they have paid. Students will receive bills through their myUNH (Webcat) account. E-mails are sent to students’ UNH-assigned e-mail addresses when new bills are posted. Payment may be made online or mailed – check, credit card, cash or wire is accepted. Visit the Business Services website for the current tuition and fee rates.

All international students new to UNH are required to visit the UNH Global - International Students website for details on deadlines, pre-arrival, orientation, and other important information. New international students are expected to arrive prior to the beginning of the fall or spring terms in time to participate in International Student Orientation.

Parking permits are required in order to park a vehicle on campus during the day. Parking permits can be purchased online. It is strongly suggested that you purchase your permit prior to arriving on campus. For students who do not own cars and live in Dover, Newmarket or Portsmouth, or for those who do not want to drive to campus, the Wildcat Transit bus service may be an alternative.

General policy information and overviews of various graduate aid can be found in our online graduate catalog under the graduate appointments policy section. All new graduate assistants are required to attend the mandatory Graduate Assistant Orientation offered every Fall and Spring. Details on registration, payroll deductions, taxes, the proper conduct of research, and more will be covered at this orientation.

Your UNH ID card identifies you, verifies your status as a graduate student at UNH, and can provide you with many discounts. Students may have their ID card issued at the Dining/ID Card office located in Holloway Commons Room 101. When having your ID picture taken, please indicate that you are a graduate student. Bring a picture ID (driver’s license, passport, or other government issued ID) for verification of identity.

Your UNH Email address is the official address used for all communication from UNH and you are responsible for checking this account for email from University offices. You can find more information about setting up and using your Wildcat UNH email address by visiting the UNH Student Email Website.

Commuter Student Services is a part of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership located in the UNH MUB. Commuter & Non-Traditional Student Services is here to help you get the most out of your UNH experience by keeping you informed, connecting you to valuable resources, and supporting you through targeted programming.

With all of the meal plan options available for busy graduate students, UNH Dining guarantees that you will never go hungry! Choose from one of the Unlimited Access Meal Plans, which include the convenience of Dining Dollars and guest passes or select one of the many Graduate Student Meal Plans to choose a set number of meals.

The University of New Hampshire Memorial Union Building is the official State War Memorial. As the "heart of campus," the Memorial Union provides services, conveniences, and amenities to enhance the quality of life at UNH for all students.

In support of the University's academic mission, Health & Wellness provides medical care, wellness education, and health promotion. Learn more about Health & Wellness. UNH also requires health insurance as a condition of enrollment for full-time degree students. Learn about the health insurance requirement and the Student Health Benefits Plan.

UNH Housing provides two on-campus options for graduate students: Babcock Hall, a traditional residence hall for graduate or non-traditional students, and Forest Park, our family housing complex on campus for those who are arriving with families (married, civil unions, or those with dependent children). For more information, visit the Graduate Student and Family Housing, please visit the Housing and Residential Life Website. The Memorial Union Building (MUB) also provides a searchable listing of off-campus housing for the local townships.

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the official voice of UNH's graduate student body. We work hard to advocate for graduate students, representing their interests across UNH and the university system. We also work to engage the state legislature and foster a sense of community and social engagement among graduate students on campus. All degree-seeking graduate students are members of the GSS and are eligible to participate in all meetings and events. Visit the UNH GSS website for details on upcoming meetings.