Accelerated Master's Program

What Is An Accelerated Master's Program

Qualified students at the University of New Hampshire may be permitted to take graduate-level courses during their Senior year. Such students must follow normal application procedures and be admitted for the semester during which they wish to enroll in courses for graduate credit. A 3.20 cumulative grade-point average is normally required to be considered for admission to the accelerated master's program. Please review our Programs of Study page for a list of programs participating in the Accelerated Master's.

Qualifications Needed

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What You Need To Know


  • Eligible to take up to 12 graduate level credits towards a master's degree prior to receiving the bachelor's degree during the Senior year.
  • No additional tuition cost
  • Courses may be taken for graduate only or dual credit


  • Courses must be graduate level (800/900)
  • Must pass graduate courses with B- or better
  • Must maintain GPA of 3.2 or better


Becoming an Accelerated Master's Student

Accelerated master's students cannot accept an offer of admission online; instead all admitted accelerated master's students are required to attend a mandatory meeting with one of our Academic Assistants, to review the details of the program.

If the undergraduate GPA is not maintained, the bachelor’s degree is not awarded, or the prerequisite grades are not received, the offer of admission will be withdrawn. For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please contact the Graduate School (email:; phone: 603-862-3000) in Thompson Hall.

Future Planning

Once the undergraduate degree is received the student will become a regular graduate student and fall under all graduate school regulations and policy. This means being aware of our continuous registration policy, that full time graduate status is 9 or more credits, and that graduate tuition is higher than undergraduate tuition. For more information on policies and the responsibilities of being a graduate student please visit our online graduate student catalog.